Things to do further afield

Kaş’ location on Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline makes it the perfect base from which to explore some of the region’s other highlights on day trips or overnight gulet excursions. If you are after some beach time, then head to Kaputas Beach between Kaş and Kalkan, or hop on a water taxi from Kaş harbour to one of the superb beaches of Liman Aǧzı.

Üçaǧız, on the site of ancient Teimiussa, makes a great day trip from Kaş. This charming village and yacht haven is dotted with ruins which date from as early as 4th century BC when the Lycian ruler Perikles Limyra was in command of the town. Burial grounds and sarcophagi, together with acropolis relics and sunken ancient walls, are testament to this history.

Just across the water lies the medieval Kaleköy Castle with a spectacular location on a hilltop overlooking the peninsula. The castle was built upon the site of ancient Simena, dating from the 4th century BC, and a 300-seat theatre can still be visited below the old fortifications. At its base sits the tiny village of Kaleköy and the offshore sunken ruins of the Titus Baths, dating from the 1st century AD.

Demre, built on the site of ancient Myra, makes another great day trip to explore the area’s intriguing history. The Basilica of St Nicholas, adorned in original frescoes and well-preserved from the 11th century, is an important pilgrimage destination for Orthodox Christians as it was St Nicholas, who later became known as Santa Claus, who resided as the bishop here. Just inland lie the remains of ancient Myra, a collection of well-preserved rock tombs which have been carved into the cliff face, together with an impressive Roman theatre.

The Hellenistic ruins of Arykanda are also worth visiting, cascading spectacularly down the terraced slope of the Akdaǧ Mountain. Many of the ruins, such as the stadium and theatre, date from the Greek era, while later Roman restorations and modifications are also visible. Well-preserved baths and an odeon on the lowest terrace are some of the sites most impressive features, together with a stunning view across the Arykandos Valley.

In addition to a seemingly endless selection of ancient sites to explore, this stretch of coastline is renowned for its natural beauty and overnight gulet cruises offer the perfect way to explore the hidden coves and offshore islands that it boasts. Cruises depart from Kaş harbour in both directions, and with endless choice when it comes to itinerary and length, there are options to suit everyone.