About Us

KasTurkey is a joint venture between two Kas locals who have grown up in the area and know the region well.

Fatih Kocaer`s family have it`s routes set firmly in the tourism business, starting off with a small guest house in the lte 1980`s when Kas first became popular with `back-packer` travellers. Over the years the family have worked hard and now run Andifli Rent A Car, the largest airport transfer and car rental company in Kas. In the last year Andifli have further extended their work ethic and produced Andifli Travel offering advice and assistance in building Taylor-made holidays.

Ahmet Ates is the owner of one of Kas most successful boutique hotels – `the Hideaway Hotel` and together with his wife have created a holiday experience which has guests returning again and again. Their attention to service and detail ensure reviews are glowing and over the years has become of of the top rated hotels in the region. The Ates family also have interests in a number of local restaurant ventures.

Fatih and Ahmet agreed to join forces earlier in the year in order to put together their skills and knowlege to create a one-stop shop fort he holiday maker who chooses to come to Kas. Now you can learn about the range of accommodation Kas has to offer, the scope of activities, things to do both in Kas and further afield enabling you top re-plan your perfect holiday with the minimum of fuss.